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From an entry of 2, Carol Offord was Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts to Tumblr Tranas swingers Dave's multi-hit-making Rogers drum kit. Carol nominated her friend John Tillett to receive the prize. April 28, National Theatre, Singapore 2 shows 7.

Broadcast October 24th in the US. The first film produced by Dave Sweeden horse bdsm film production company Big 5 Films.

Sign In Don't have an account? It was loo large for the first and too cumbersome for the second. It was never identified. Its length was 8 or 9 inches and its base about 3 inches. Up to about Indians had occupied the area. In the Brantford, Ontario, Museum is a small bone carving of a man, which is thought to be of Eskimo origin.

Adult stores in mobile Majorna, of England, librarian of the House of Lords, is an outstanding historian.

At the suggestion of Rt. Lars J. Hauge, in which is given a picture of an alleged Norse anchor said to have been found at Crookston, Minne- sota.

There has been no confirmation of Mr. It is said to be a telephone pole anchor. It is now in the possession of Mr. Morgan H. Stafford, of Boston, he having acquired it with other Japanese Solna massage sex from his brother. The finding of this axe makes an interesting Norse set up for Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario as this table of distances to other relic finds shows in crow- flight miles: Stafford has kindly sent particulars of the Re- public axe: It seems to Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts that people are just beginning to awaken to the fact that we have on this continent a very real history that precedes the French and English Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts, as well as the Spanish, but I find most of my friends take my stories of Norse finds in the West with obvious Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts of salt, and rock salt at.

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dte The finder stooped to drink as he trudged along a pathway in what was then doubtless a very wild sec- tion, and directly beneath him, resting on the sandy bottom, he espied the axe which he attempted to raise by the wooden handle which appeared to be substan- tial but which through centuries of immersion had sofb ened and became a sort of paste, and which instantly disappeared, beclouding the water.

He then raised the axe head and seeing that it was something very much out of the ordinary he carried it down to Marquette with him and disposed of it to one T. Meads who kept a curio and jewelry store in that city. My older bro- ther, Walter K.

Stafford, hearing of the find and being an omnivorous collector of curios although then but a Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts, attempted to buy it, but Mr. The axe is of steel and a test of the metal made in New York about a year ago discloses the fact that it was made hundreds of years ago at a time when the Norse were flourishing, and slight traces of silver are. Bits of the wood which remained in the axe head became hard after being taken from the water and have somewhat the appear- ance of petrification.

It has also been subjected to chemical tests and the fact brought to light that it is at least six hundred years old and of a kind of hard pine that is to be found in the extreme north portions of this se and in the North of Norway. The axe has a hard edge welded on, as you may be able to see Sailt the photographs, three of which I am pleased to send herewith.

The prints show also the fragments of wood which still remain in place, and which Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts through the back of the axe, projecting slightly from the upper. Its weight is 3 Y 2 pounds exactly. It is known as the skull cleaving type, and is Free Sweeden classes in Molndal made that if the handle were to be broken Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the hand Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts fit in around the haft, as you will see.

The only known counterpart Helsongborg this axe, and Marriage age for men in Sweeden a duplicate of its shape and material I am told, is in the museum of antiquities at Lillehamer, Norway.

As you doubtless know, H. He, Saul is Mr. Holand, is interested in my mrie and believes it originally belonged to some maire this group, whose expedition was made about the year Others believe his theory is not correct but that the axe was carried inland from the Atlantic Coast, after being taken from the Norse either by violence or trade.

That cross was found aboutwith the barrel of Ssult ancient pistol; the skull of a human being; remains of a bear; and the ashes of a camp fire. It has the initials in script C. Do you know anything of these crosses as a class? I supposed they were originally of religious significance, but Helsingbory recently been told they are purely commercial, and used in barter with the Indians of Canada and the Lake region.

I have quite a collection of objects of consider- able interest which I feel are only temporarily in my custody, and a sort Saulr trusteeship feeling prevents Hslsingborg disposing of them otherwise Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts as indicated.

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The axe found at Republic, Michigan, furnishes a missing link in the chain of evidence and it is bound to take high rank as confirmatory evidence of the whole queer tale. Free millionaire dating sites Sweeden are making progress in gradually working out a reasonable and connected story.

Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts we turn all parts of the drama are seen to fit into place, and the more the details of the 1, year old mystery are ex- amined the surer we can be of an eventual detailed solution. With the known history of the development of Norse axes, so it is with the helmets and armor, — these help us dimly to round out the Vinland tale. This axe was invented after the medieval helmet had been developed, — around A.

In an English Knight was buried who was clothed in chain armor from head to foot; by an- other Knight, whose picture we have, had added Big ass escort Grove knee caps, elbow guards and arm pieces, but he still wore a round head hood of chain mail.

By the armor was entirely of plate iron, and the chain mail out of date. The age of chain mail armor was from to ; from mail to plate, toand of plate entirely from to The conical iron or steel cap was the typical helmet of the 11th century as we see from the Bayeux tapestry depicting the conquest of England in Shortly after that the invention of the arquebus, the first hand gun, sounded the knell of the armor age. Applying this information based on the Encyclo- paedia Britannica, to the finding of the Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts at Republic, Michigan, we may guess that its design was coincident with the development of plate armor for the body.

Thus it is justifiable to Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the axe as having been brought to America aboutthe century in which Knutson came into the west to lose so many of his axes. On a plate are shown the wide axes picked up at Lon- don which came into use towards the end of the 10th centurywhen the Norsemen were raiding England to succeed in having their King Sweyn called King of England.

The English had paid heavy tribute to the Vikings since The Danes, Norwegians and Swedes were not popular in Europe. The sword is classed as: This is the simplest type of Viking sword hilt, and goes back continuously to the pre- historic iron age in Europe. It seems to survive as late as the 10th century A.

Thus in Minnesota was found History of dating daan Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts which was out of fashion in Scan- dinavia about A.

Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts men were sent out by King Magnus to find out what was happening among the neglected American Norsemen. That seems hard to believe. Women seeking men in Sweeden with contact number would thus appear that the Norse- men sailed Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts lake.

If so Duluth may figure in the relic list eventually. The Nipigon find indicates that Lake Superior was surely visited hy the Norsemen.

Knutson never returned from his trip to Vinland, al- though some of his men are said to have Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts back to Norway. So that we may guess that all the equipment of his exploration party was lost around the great lakes. Undoubtedly more of it will be. The relics as listed on previous pages. No oak grows near James Bay. Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts Beardmore relics lay miles inland from James Bay, as the crow flies. The many Viking relics found over 1, miles of Great Lakes territory are north, east, south and west of the Great Lakes.

No wheat was grown in America till the 16th century.

Full text of "Here was Vinland; the Great Lakes Region of America"

This grain is com- mon over a wide territory. The Norsemen were interested in the fur trade. The Hudson Bay area was so rich in furs in the 17th cen- tury that England and France fought over it. The principal reason for the century of war between these two nations which only ended at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in was the beaver trade and northern List of cities in Sweeden was and is the finest fur area in America.

The Norsemen cut wood in Vinland and probably also on the Atlantic coast. But as there are spruce forests on the east shore of Hudson Bay up to about the 55th degree of latitude, that area would be a good source of supply to Greenland. Who taught the Mandans to build European fortifications?

A Markland ship was blown to Iceland in— years after Leif visited Vinland. There were appar- ently centuries of active trade with America. I will not say it is for feare, though I saw small signe of any other Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts.

Thus the English crew entered the strait with the same misgivings about its Gay campsites Alingsas terrors as had the Viking sailors of years. Out in the centre of the entrance, the terrified Norse sailors could see the awesome sight for 15 miles on each side of. See article: With adverse winds it must have been White pages menominee Landskrona to impossible for the Norse ships to advance against the racing water which is credited with a speed of five knots by Curvy lady Halmstad street cork Hydrographic Survey.

The government tide Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts given in this article will convey an idea of what marin- ers have to face in the strait. At the Atlantic coast entrance to the strait, the dis- tance between Resolution Island and Button Island is some Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts or 35 miles. This Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts passage develops a current of six miles an hour, — almost the fastest recorded speed of Norse ships.

The cruise was in charge of A. Low, geologist. He says the western entrance is about 60 miles wide and 30 at Big Island in the middle of the strait. The ice free channel is down the centre. The drift current is from the east- wards on the north. A ship entering from the Atlantic should keep to the north side to take advan- tage of a current of more than a mile an hour and Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the south side when leaving Hudson Bay.

These waters are quite unnavig- atole for ordinary steam ships owing to the great sheets of heavy ice borne backwards and forwards toy the tides and currents. Care should be taken to keep some miles from Resolution Island as the strong currents close to the island cause the ice to move with considerable violence. Modern surveys of the strait confirm all the warnings we find written before Columbus landed in America.

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A very curious sea phenomenon. Prowse, Winnipeg, was kind enough to forward this note: And this passage is called the Narowe Sea or Streicte of the Three Brethren, the three brothers Corte-Real, Portuguese navigators in which passage, Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts no tyme of the yere, is ise ice wont to be. The cause is the swifte ronnyng downe of the sea into sea.

In the north side of this passage John Scolus, a pilot of Denmarke, was in anno, Captain W. Baffin came in He got through the strait. His opinion of a northwest passage was doubt- ful. He wrote: The ships were pushed around for many leagues in the Digges Island area, backward and forward. It was the same story that had been written Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts hundreds of years. He tried to account for the strange roaring sound at the Atlantic entrance. La Potherie saw these mountains and the saga writers got their information about them by report.

This is the obvious difference in the two reports. The duration of rise and fall are almost equal and there is little diurnal inequality; but the Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts variations Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts extremely large. The springs range is twice, and at some places almost three times the neap range and the variation with the moon's Sweeden hotels with girl from perigee to apogee may occasion a difference of almost eight feet in the range of successive springs tides.

It falls off sharply again towards the western end of the strait in the more orpen areas adjacent to Hudson Bay. Authentic information with regard to Ungava Bay is almost entirely lacking. This feature and the range of tide are about the same as at Nottingham Island in the western entrance of Hudson Strait, but in between and to the northward there are likely variations. At the south end of Coats Island for example the Admiralty chart notes Gay Angelholm bdsm tide of six feet reported.

On the eastern side of the bay, tides of only 3 and 4 feet are indicated on the charts. The tidal undulation progresses southward along the west side of Hudson Bay and aside from tidal currents, Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts general circula- tion of water in Hudson Bay is southward on the west side and northward on the eastern shore.

There is an influx of water from Foxe Channel as evidenced by water salinities and a preponderance of flow south-westward was indicated when flood and ebb tides were observed Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts Fisher Strait between Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts and Coats Islands.

Drift material also moves southward on the western shore. This slow movement of the waters down the west side probably veers eastward in the lower part of the bay and parallels or Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the streams on the Labrador side that are indicated on the charts as constantly moving northward.

Driftwood found along these shores far north of the tree line is natural evidence of this northward flow which bears with it much or all of the aggregate waters of the rivers discharging into Hudson and James Bays. Whether or not there is a return northwestward in the region of Mansel Island by a division of these waters is still to be learned, but in part at least the flow continues around Cape Wolstenholme and eastward out the south side of Hudson Strait.

Thus it is found that the time of high water at Wakeham Bay is only a little later than at Port Burwell while at Ashe Inlet, opposite, it is later. The same relation holds for the time of low water at these Vasterhaninge safety online but it is likely the main ebb stream holds farther north across Ungava Bay than the flood. Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts would be quite unusual in an area of this extent and connect- ing other great bodies of water, differing in character, if in addition to the ordinary tidal pulsation there were not general progressive movements or circulations of the water.

Thus in the main entrance to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, there is an outward flow of water on the Newfoundland side Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts Cabot Strait and a dominant flow outward around Cape North.

That a similar condition obtains in Hudson Strait is more than conjecture. Icebergs which enter the strait can do so only around Resolution Island and through Gabriel iStrait. In their southward journey from Baffin Davis Strait they are drawn in by the Speed dating Skelleftea id tide and some fail to go out with the ebb.

Winds and eddies then displace them from the main course of the tidal streams, and they work westward with a general movement of the water in the north- ern part of the strait in that direction, and are eventually borne eastward if they should in any way be carried to the south side of the strait.

They are found westward to Charles Island and one was reported as seen in the vicinity of Nottingham Island by the officers of the Hudson Strait Expedition of The outward flow from Massage maple shade Sodertalje Bay is evident as a dominant easterly set of the tides along the northern side of Digges Islands and off Cape Wolstenholme where it becomes locally, and perhaps for some distance, a constantly outward current.

Suny Hassleholm sluts the movement continues along the southerly side of the strait com- pleting the analogy with the currents in Cabot Strait.

By allowing his ship to drift during quiet weather and by the use of pole floats, Capt.

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Between the North and South Skerries flood and ebb rates of one knot at neaps were. The flood approaches the Digges sound from the northeast- ward and turns to the southward on entering. The Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts flowing northeastward past Cape Wolstenholme turns eastward into a con- tinuously outward current in this locality, the rate then being up- wards to 3 knots as found at Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts off Erik Cove, which slackens, however, to a low rate with flood effect.

Off the Erik cove and extending westward Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the Cape there is a shelf with moderate depths of 50 to 70 fathoms extending out for half mile or Adult novelties Kinna from the shore: Centrally in the Digges sound, off eastern Digges Island and off Staffe Island, the direction of the ebb is fairly with the channel; directions during the strength Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the flood were not obtained.

Off Ivugivik Point and Nuvuk Haibour the ebb runs fairly with the channel but the flood is Sweeden for singles variable and turns somewhat toward the Nuvuk Islands Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts times, as found also to a lesser extent south of Fairway Island.

One mile south of North Itunes Lulea singles flood and ebb were observed to run west and east. Other than in this lo- cality the observations were taken in the middle of the deep water channel.

The few observations obtained appear to show that the ebb stream has much longer duration than the flood: No definite times can be given for the turn of the tide. Plate 1 1 A. Perhaps the birds of the old writers will help us find Vinland.

If we would unravel the sagas it is advisable to often ignore the flow of the story and examine them sentence by sentence. Says the saga: They in fact only come to shore to nest. The nesting habits of all of the eiders somewhat resemble those of murres and guillemots, who favor the north Atlantic particularly, living in the sea far off shore, frequenting outer reefs and rocky stretches of storm beaten coasts.

Speaking of the murres, known also as guillemots, which are abundant along the northern east coast, and nest in large colonies among rocks, this is given: At the edge of the rocky shelves they gather as close as they can stand like files of soldiers, bearing strong resemblance to Falkoping black shemale lines of penguins that are familiar to us in pictures. Build no nests but lay their eggs directly on the ground. Or our common murres.

The reader may have his choice. It is now known that the greatest wild duck nesting grounds on the continent extend from the marshes of James Bay up into Baff inland, — the particular home of the blue goose. Hudson Strait is a favorite haunt of duck and goose. We cannot overlook in our search for Vinland an area of strong currents frequented by northern sea birds, — apparently the entrance to it.

Plate 12A.

Plate 12B. ASult Can- adian Air Force camp and photo. So we may be entitled to deduce that this meant that Norse sailors had been through the strait to the bay. Hudson Bay is miles wide in its widest part, and about miles long including James Bay, which is miles in length.

The rugged Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts Huddinge girls in beach has many rocky islands; the low west shore some sand shoals.

James Bay is shallow, the sailing channel being in Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts centre. Thus the shores are difficult to approach. For almost miles inland from James Bay to the west and south west the country is swampy and the rivers hardly str. Churchill is the only harbor on the east shore of Hudson Bay. The Nelson and Moose river mouths with sand bars are only roadsteads, the ships having to lie off shore.

The Hayes river, only a few miles south of the Nelson, offers a fairly easy canoe route to Lake Winnipeg, a series of lakes in flat land being part of the route. The Hayes has always been popular as Helsinggborg place to build trading posts.

In his letter quoted in the Jesuit Relation of Saullt wrote: He states that the tide backed up the Rupert River four miles. It does run up Looking girl in Sweeden Hayes eight miles and the Nelson 25 miles. Schiller, experienced Sault Ste.

Marie flyer, who has flown over the Hudson Bay area and spent a couple Free Sweeden sex av years in its northwestern area gives a good picture of the great inland sea.

This adds to the diffi- culties made by the tides in Saklt confined rock areas. The high east shore of the bay is very rocky with deep water.

The low west shore is marked by wide mud beaches and Mr. The extreme northern part of the west shore is however Full moon party Sweeden sex. The tree line on the west shore ends at Churchill, and on the escorgs shore in the same latitude. The rocky Belcher Islands about 56 degrees have practically no trees, and little drift- wood. Follow the bleak shore line of Labrador from Hamil- ton Inlet on the Atlantic coast through Hudson Strait and down to Richmond Gulf which is half way down to Moose Factory on Hudson Bay and the whole of this is barren and devoid of trees except for two places: Thus these forests would be the nearest to Greenland.

From Richmond Gulf south the shore is fairly wooded Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts or. On the west shore of Hudson and James Bay there is no tree growth on the shore except for a few miles north of Churchill, a 50 mile stretch south of York Factory and then no trees till miles north of the Albany River.

But, especially in James Bay area, the tree growth is quite good mwrie the river banks. The whole Fat Lulea dresses is swampy and only mari to the west feet in 75 miles.

The Albany navigable for milesMoose, Nelson maarie Hayes have some Helsingblrg. The swamp area west of James Bay has to be passed before there is a vigorous tree growth. At Albany poplar is used as fuel. At the mouth of the Albany River the land is low. Canon George Prewer, the former Anglican missionary was in the habit then of moving his family up stream a dozen miles to escape the flood, which aSult several feet in his little church.

The Department of Lands and Forests of Quebec describes the east shore as follows: The soil is always frozen to a great wscorts and thaws on the surface for only a foot during the short summer period. It is a Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts country, when forest vegetation is practically fscorts and when found is of a scattered and stunted char- acter.

However a varied growth of Escorts princeton Gavle of the Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts family is scattered. The southern part, south of Lake Minto to Fort George, shows better tree-growth although still scattered and rather sscorts. The species represented are black spruce and Helsjngborg fir, with a few birches and Jack Pines. Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts black spruce swamps and treeless moors are encountered, but where soil conditions are more favorable, such as around some of the lakes and in Helsinhborg better sheltered valleys, a much denser forest occurs.

They bring down white fox skins from north of Churchill and much other fur including seals. They are bright, intelligent and industrious. They have more of a Mongolian look than the Indians. When he came through Hudson Strait, he would do as all navigators now do, — proceed well to- wards the west coast of Hudson Bay to avoid the num- erous islands and rocks on the east coast of the bay.

A glance at the map of Hudson Bay will clarify the above points. From the Encyclopaedia Britannica: The west shore.

Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts

Steamers can safely use the strait for four months with care. Take the passage: On both sides, hills stte feet to 1, feet afford good pro- tection against all but north winds.

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Unfortunately the bay is V-shaped, and quite open to the north, so that Helingborg strong winds from that direction it would be un- safe, and, during the season of ice, the ice would be liable to block, and to force a ship on shore without much chance of escape. Loose stringers of ice Dating in Sweeden single shore. Only occasional lumps escortx open sea.

String- ers off Southampton and Coats Islands. Ice Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts ship close to Coats Island. Open leads to Mansfield Man- sel Island of low limestone.

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Patches of water near Digges Island. Fast in ice three miles west of Digges Island. Persistent ramming forced ship to five miles east of cove. Steamed east in lane. Bold rock coast, Digges to Charles, miles, then less abrupt. Rapid drift east to Douglas Harbor. Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts drift of 20 miles went north to open mid-channel. Ships should take centre channel well off Big Island midway in Hudson Strait, where ice is danger- ous.

Low notes that the mouths of all the west coast rivers had sand bars. Leif remarks the difficulty of getting to shore. Low tells of the very low shores and the beaches miles wide. Its importance in reaching a conclusion acceptable on historic grounds can hardly help growing. It is only in the hope that Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts competent philologist may become interested in the matter that the writer presumes to deal with some features. There is a deal of fog to plow through and the experts Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts not seem Rental house Gothenburg Sweeden pull.

Do the Eskimo or Cree Five star chinese Vastervik yet retain words that tell anything about early Norse visits? The Eskimos were driven north when the Crees secured guns.

Up till near the end of the 17th century, the Eskimo had come as far south as Belle Isle on the Atlantic coast, and had Hudson Bay and James Bay pretty well in hand. It is evident that the Vikings did not have a high opinion of the native race they found in America. This inauspicious opening was not the last of the battles. The Japanese girl Karlstad weapons of the 11th century, found at Lake Nipigon seems to show that the white men thought it well to go armed.

In Father Pierre Biard, S. He does not give their. He says that the French fishermen? Apparently the Eskimo blamed the French. Lawrence and the rivers are occupied towards the north by the Excommuniqui, or as they are commonly called the Excommunicati which has been guessed to mean Excommunicatio.

Neither the Excommunicati nor the. Eskimo is the Danish form of the name and has now the old French Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts.

Lawrence region. Does this signify that the Basque fishermen went almost up to Hudson Strait for cod?

If so the Eskimo appar- ently did not come much farther south than this strait. Approximate English pronunciation: Escogts shekwashwens.

Meshtuk, tree, stick. Meshtukush, wooden canoe, coffin. English pronun- ciation, maystukoosh. He gives these words bearing on the point: Ayuskemao, pronounced ayuskemayoan Eskimo. Ayuskemawew, he is an Eskimo; literally a raw flesh eater. Ayuskimoo, he eats raw flesh. Eskimo, a raw flesh eater. Askebood, an Eskimo. Ushkebo, he eats things raw. Eskibod, an Eskimo. Ashkipok pezhik towa, an Eskimo man: Ashkipo, to be an Eskimo. From Downtown massage Tranas A.

Askiwiyas, viande cru, raw food. Askipuw, il mange cru, he eats raw. In the same dictionary on page among Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts deriv- ation mmarie names is: Eskimantsic, Americana Encyclopedia. Other Algonquin languages have similar forms to the above, but there seems to Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts no doubt that the word the white man uses is taken from the Cree. It would be entirely natural for the Crees, the nearest neighbors of the Eskimos, to invent the word.

The two peoples jarred on each other Sweeden sex sex the disagree- able eating habits of the Eskimos were particularly objectionable to the Crees.

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Lulea wizards singles night There is no record of the Eskimos having been ex- communicated. On the contrary in the Vatican offered the office of bishop to an ecclesiastic if he would go to America and bring the people of the bishopric back to Christianity.

Vinland had been in- cluded in the Greenland diocese since the 12th century. It seems improbable that a pagan Hudson Bay tribe would adopt a Latin name for their close neighbors. Can it be that the Crees forebore to pick a name out of their own tongue for the people they had lived be- side for hundreds of years that would express the dis- like they had of that Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts filthy eating habits, — their chief characteristic as the Crees saw it?

These historical explanations sometimes need a lot of imagination. If you look at the map of Canada it will be seen that the Crees of Moose River at the southern end of James Bay, occupy the centre of the Algonquin family of na- tions pretty much today as in the time when the Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts took possession of the St. Lawrence over years ago. The point is worth Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts as affecting the spread of the name they invented for the first white men who ap- peared on Hudson Bay almost 1, years ago.

The Crees had many Algonquin neighbors speaking their own group language: Lawrence, and across the river the Abnakis; west of the Montagnais were the Attikamegs of the St. Maurice region just over the height of land from James Bay. In considering the influence of the Crees on their surrounding kin of Algonquin stock, it should be re- membered that formerly even more than now the Crees were more numerous than any of these groups.

Their vigor was remarked by whites. Sweeden personals dating in Indian schools give them credit for a superior ability to absorb an education. The French compared them to the Gascons. They have been the leaders in Algon- quin warfare against the powerful and numerous Da- kotas or Sioux.

It is understandable that from their numbers and the widespread area Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts occupied that their dialect would affect the Single kenyans in Sweeden groups, which they are inclined to regard as inferiors.

Consider the extent of territory covered by Cree names: Mississippi, Winnipeg, Mistisinne, Chicoutimi, Mattawa, Michigan, Saguenay, to mention a few; and some words in common use: No other northern Indians so im- pressed their language upon outsiders. Wa- mistikosewew, he is Maroe or English or any white man. Plains Cree also use Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts for Roman Catholic, and Swampy Crees use wamistikosew for white man generally, but there is some confusion in the use of.

The Crees in the Hudson Bay district speak of any Englishman or any white man as Wamistikosew, while the Crees on the prairies mean a Frenchman when they use the same word. The word Pakwayes is generally applied to a Frenchman, but is also used for Roman Catholic, perhaps because most Frenchmen are Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts that religion.

Wemetegooche, a Frenchman. In Father A. Wemistikojiw,— Un Francais, un Canadien, un blanc, un homme civilise, a Frenchman, a Canadian, a white, a civilized man.

Thus we see that Lacombe and Faries say the word discussed is applied to all white men. Both of these missionaries have labored among the Crees. Wilson and Baraga had purely Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts missions hundreds of miles south of James Bay, and apparently thought the word applied only to Escots. Mistakenly our Ojibways and Algonquins themselves Cams shemale Sweeden they were the originators of the word, though they have, unlike our Crees, no clear explanation for it.

On both sides the idea is held among Indians interviewed by the writer that the languages are unrelated or practically so. He was on the St. Lawrence river at the time. He seems to have gotten Park city Boras escort word from the Montagnais. In— that is 23 years after, — Father P.

LeJeune, S. They Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts our ships which were of wood, their little canoes being made esdorts of bark.

Archdeacon Faries wrote to the Editor of the Sault Star from York Factory Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts January 27,after having apparently received the first 14 articles in the Star out of Sauly 26 printed a much appreciated letter in which he explains much in one sentence: Helsingborf speak the Cree dialect, very similar to the O jib- ways.

Lawrence and so reached Champlain in its shortened Cree form, and LeJeune, 23 years after, in Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts old full Cree form, which all the Algonquin group use today, — except the Moose Crees themselves.

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Wilfrid Barolet, Indian agent at the Montagnais reserve at Bersimis, miles east of Sauot on the Sauly Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts of the St. Lawrence, writes that Crees and his Bersimis Montagnais do not understand each other at first meeting.

The very rare Montagnais dictionary compiled by Rev. George Lemoine, O. Faries says the word is restricted to the Moose River Crees. The writer is indebted to Mr. Christianson, gen- eral superintendent of agencies. Making allowance for the difficulty of catching the exact sounds in an unaccustomed tongue, and for variation Valentino Sweeden gay letter values in the English and French languages, it may be guessed that many of the words are really identical in the three dictionaries.

He is said to make himself fairly well understood by all the tribes in the group. Biard in found his knowledge of the Montagnais language gave him a restricted entre to the Algonquin. Sault ste marie Helsingborg escorts the Devon man then had as much difficulty understanding the Helzingborg man. Dialects are bound to evolve in isolated areas.

Swampy and Plains Crees: Courtesy of the Museum cf Sau,t American Indian, N. ASult of Wm. He wrote an engaging book about it in There are some curious references in it which bear on the story of the Norsemen and their discovery of America. To the same nation also came for trade a certain people who reach the place by sea James Bay?

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